CV/Pitch Controller Developments

Errors and Evolution

It was last last protoboard. It was most of the last general purpose diodes, and I put them in the wrong place. But more importantly, I needed an excuse to try my first SMD order. Furthermore, I felt like I could streamline a few things about my processes, both technical and promotional. The hasty error propelled me forward. I calculated my voltage dividers more closely:

EasyEDA / JLCPCB Production Design

The Prototype: 12-tap CV interface with room for more functionality

Better Design: Twelvey

I immediately did a few things: 1) I made updated the project - which is public and cloneable and Public Domain; 2) I wrote up a description on Hackaday; and. 3) I made some available for sale.

Audio Tests: Pushbuttons and Reed Switches

I then tried a couple proofs-of-concept - one with salvaged buttons, the other with magnetic induction switches:

I continue to find that starting out by imagining the finished product leads to more and more experimentation related to the best design. As yet, I have not discovered my best designs, but I am excited to have made progress and gained knowledge. I keep trying things. I keep asking myself what makes the most sense within reasonable limits, and what makes any sense if you imagine zero limits. Practical innovation lives somewhere between these two extremes.